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The Airfield Audio Liminator Series Compressors
by David Miller Designs

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Our Analog Dual Transformer vintage-style Class A Compressors are now sold at major dealers worldwide.

NEW! See our "How-To" videos narrated by Stephen Stepanic of world-class mastering studios Jaoa Carvalho Mastering in Toronto Canada. More Info

Used by Wynton Marsalis on his album recorded at Avatar Studios with producer Jeff Jones

Used by the Tragically Hip latest recorded CD, produced by Bob Rock.

Watch the YouTube video of the Liminator II in action with Towner Galaher and a few Grammy award winning musicians of New York City.

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quad eight trident mci audiotronics ssl soundcraft dolby sr repair mods wiring
vintage recording console equipment repair
vintage recording console equipment repair
Airfield Liminator Compressor

Airfield Audio is a Toronto Canada based custom audio electronic design and vintage recording console repair company. We are specialists for the recording studio industry.

We design and build custom Class A compressors, custom mastering consoles and desks. We repair all vintage tube and Class A outboard audio gear like mic pre's compressors amplifiers tape machines reverbs and signal processors. We are Quad Eight Trident MCI SSL Soundcraft Audiotronics API Neve vintage recording console repair and wiring experts.

Our own Dolby 363 SR modifications are in demand for their substantial sonic improvement.