Restoration, Repairs, Upgrades and Mods

David Miller restores, repairs and recaps most vintage analog recording consoles like API Audiotronics Harrison McCurdy MCI Neve Quad Eight Soundcraft SSL Trident Ward Beck Yamaha. David’s famous mod for the Dolby 363 SR leads to huge improvement in sonic quality.

He has repaired and upgraded with his own mods mic pre’s eq’s compressors amplifiers and tape machines built by ADR Altec Ampex API CBS DBX Dolby Drawmer Fairchild Focusrite Gates Gefell Innovonics Klangfilm Lexicon Manley McIntosh Meuller Neve Orban Pultec Shure Summit Audio Tubetech Urei Universal Audio Ursa Major Valley People Vintech

David Miller’s most popular repairs mods and upgrades are:

DBX 160
Dolby 363
Drawmer 1960
Gates StaLevel

Neve AIR Montserrat Console
Neve 1066
Neve 1073
Neve 1081
Neve 1272
Neve 33114B

Urei 1176
Urei LA-3A
Urei LA-4


Algonquin Island Association
Avia Productions
Blue Sound and Music
Back Room Sound
Bang Music
Daryn Barry / Orange Record Label
Ray Blake
Blue Jade Productions (Joe Sealey)
Bob Derkach Music
Box Office Poison (Michael P.W.)
Brad MacDonald Music
Cattlerash, Brooklyn NY
Chalet Studios, Claremont ON
Chemical Sound
Cherry Beach Sound
Chris Stone Audio
Chris Coleman
Chris Stringer
Comfort Sound
Concrete Jungle
CVC Productions
Daniel Lanois
Damage Entertainment
db Audio
Duotone Audio Group, NYC
Eclipse Music
EH studios
Elitha Peterson Productions
Emmanuel Recording Studio
Eric Harry Music
Fearless Films
Joel Feeney
Fire Escape Recording
Gavin Brown
Glenn Morrison
Great Western Recorders, Chicago
Greenpail Productions

Hardwood Records
Harris Institute for the Arts
Hypnotic Records If Dreams Had Wings Music (Dan Hill)
Iguana Studio Imagine Sound Studios
Inception Sound Studios
Inside Music
Invisible Sound
It’s Been Real
João Carvalho Mastering
Kensington Sound
Kim Mitchell
Metric (Jimmy Shaw)
Kitchen Sync David Lee
Lee’s Palace
LiveWire Remote Recorders
Long & McQuade’s
Maple Mountain Music
Maple Music Danny Marks
Media Canada
Meissner Music Productions
MIJO Corporation
Modular Music
Momumental Sound
Music Manufacturing Services
Nile Rodgers Productions
David Nelson
Noble Street Studios
Norm Sabourin Productions
Number 9 Audio Group
One Fell Swoop
Phase One Studios
Phil Demetro, Lacquer Channel

Quintana Music
Rob Sanzo
Reuben Ghose (Apollo Studios)
Rev Sound
Revolution Recording
The Bathouse
Tragically Hip
Rhythm Division
Rising Sun Productions
Sho-Lite Enterprises
Signal To Noise Studios
Silverbirch Productions
Sonic Boom Studio G, Brooklyn NYC
Studio West
Subterranean Sound Studios
Summit Recordings Ltd
Synchronicity Digital Audio
The Audio Producers (Paul Novotny)
The Eggplant
Second City
The Studio at Puck’s Farm
The Sugar Shed, Bath NH
The Welsman Company
Thomas (Tawgs) Salter
Bedford Studios (Andy Tommasi) Brooklyn NYC
Umbrella Sound
VO2 Mix
Lindy Vopnfjord
World Radio Network
Zolis Audio
Zuka Interactive
Stillwater Music North
Artists / Environment Forum (Danny Beaton)
Gordie Johnson (Bread and Butter Productions)
Stan Samole