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Mix LogoWe are pleased to feature a review in the Mix Magazine March issue on the Airfield Audio Liminator 2.

Kevin Becka has given it a fantastic review,


"The Liminator 2 is at the top of the boutique compressor heap. It offers plenty of personality,
flattering most everything it touches".

Read the review here: Mix Logo


Read the article by Kate Schutt on "The Perfect Vocal Chain" (click here)

Nile Rodgers & Richard Hilton, Le Crib Studios
"The Airfield Liminator has become an indispensable tool in our rack at Le Crib Studios. It is truly a great sounding piece of gear and we enjoy it immensely."

Joåo Carvalho, Joåo Carvalho Mastering
"Regarding the Airfield Limiter's insanely clean, endless and limitless headroom, I have to say it's become my secret weapon while mastering".

Bob Rock, Producer for Tragically Hip, Metallica, Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams, Motley Crue
Used it on guitar tracks for The Tragically Hip CD, We Are The Same.

Jeff Eden,
"The minute I walk into my control room, my eye immediately fixates on the just looks so cool! The minute you send something through it...LOOK OUT! Love at first sight & sound really does exist!"

Bill Dillon, guitarist for Robbie Robertson, Iggy Pop, Counting Crows, Neville Brothers, Dan Lanois, Sarah McLachlan
"It's a lovely piece. It's gorgeous" It sounds f-•¶†®ing amazing.

Pierre Marchand (producer, Sarah McLachlan)

Pascal Shefteshy (engineer, Pierre Marchand, Sarah McLachlan)
"The Airfield is AWESOME!!! Sound is very beautiful and not too colored so I ran some grand pianos in there with great success as well as more intense compression settings for drum room mics, it's creamy and great! I like how simple it is to use and how quickly you can get a sound out of it."

Chad Irschick, Inception Sound Studios:
"It sounds fantastic. Love it on vocal, bass, trombone, kick drum. Nice action, very musical."

Michael Philip Wojewoda, Box Office Poison:
"I am enjoying the stereo unit. It sounds great on crunchy drum sounds and nice as a gentle program limiter as well. The unit does sound nice and snappy on snare with the attack set to quickest. First choice on electric guitar at ratio 8, threshold near maximum."

Tim Branton, Inside Music:
"The Liminator, I think it could possibly be the best compressor I've ever heard. I truly believe that. It's amazing. I use it on vocals, acoustic guitar and bass. It is REALLY smooth, it's something else, congratulations, that's a nice piece of work."

Jimmy Shaw, Metric:
"It sounds very good."

Andy Tommasi, Bedford Studios:
"It sounds very, very, very, very good."

Glen Marshall, Vibe Wrangler
"wow, your piece really passes signal...sounds great man! We've been tracking with it and putting whole mixes thru it and it is VERY versatile...VERY impressive.

Jeremy Darby, Canterbury Music
Absolutely stellar. It is my "go to"compressor

David Miller's Vintage designed Class A Dual Transformer Mono and Stereo Compressors Completely Hand Assembled using only the best high end components!

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